Pre-Op Trans-Woman

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Phone ☎️ (604) 992-6083

My services are not free! Do not contact me if you're not going to pay.

Located downtown.

I'm a 23 year old Caucasian:

Pre-operation = I don't have tits.

Non-binary = I use all pronouns (he/him/his)(she/her/hers)(they/them/theirs).

Pansexual = I'm attracted to all genders.

Gender-fluid Trans-woman = I'm a human being who was born blessed with the strong authoritive power that cums with the male genitalia and divine feminine guidance throughout my life.

Versatile = I top & bottom, sometimes simultaneously.

I don't judge anyone based on who and/or what they like to rub against their genitals. I'm openly into various kinks and fetishes, feel free to inquire about any of them.


In Call:



Out Call:



VIP=Fantasy/Kink & Fetish:



Message me for more information.

Calls will be ignored if you don't send a text first. Thank you, have a miraculous day!

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